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MISO MUG Meeting Highlights - March 14th, 2024

Updated: Mar 21

Led by Kyle Johnson, the meeting provided insights into MISO model manager's phase three progress, future timelines, and training plans, all geared towards supporting FERC Order 881. Notable updates included new data items for compliance, enhancements to the ratings editor, and bulk data entry capabilities, slated for release in late July, followed by fall training sessions.

Discussions centered on distinguishing between legal ownership and data ownership, the introduction of new objects for ratings obligation, ratings provider, and monitoring set, and the process for submitting MCR changes for voltage limit node limits. Emphasis was placed on the realization that the transmission operator and owner can be the same entity, highlighting the necessity for more detailed planning models.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the addition of highest high and lowest low limit sets in the model manager system, the development of a template for node limit modeling, updates to the bus bar section object, voltage limit objects, and the process for submitting changes. The effective dates for production and network MCRs, training resources, and future training needs were also discussed.

The meeting concluded with updates on the MISO power flow series and dynamics models, the use of long names in MOD for MMM application data and updating the planning modeling manual for easier data dictionary updates. A new process for submitting dynamic model updates was introduced, along with discussions about concerns regarding the use of PSSE version and the cleanup of old projects in MOD.

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