ERCOT RPG Meeting Highlights – March 18th, 2024

ERCOT RPG Meeting Highlights – March 18th, 2024

The recent ERCOT RPG meeting provided crucial updates on transmission infrastructure projects, including the Omicron reliability project, San Miguel to Marion 345 kV project, and ONCOR Temple Area Project. Key discussions centered on ongoing independent reviews for the San Miguel to Marion and ONCOR West Texas 345/138-kV projects, alongside a status update for the ONCOR Temple Area Project. Notable decisions were made to remove options seven and eight from the San Miguel to Marion project’s shortlist, leaving options 10 and 14 as the final choices.

The meeting also addressed the independent review and submission timeline for the Omicron Reliability Project and the Eastside 345/138 kV Switching Station Project, aiming for a review in March and presentation to the board in April.

Further discussions revolved around clarifying differences between the Permian Basin and ONCOR study projects, reviewing proposed projects for addressing thermal and voltage violations and updating economic assumptions for the 2024 Regional Transmission Plan Economics Study. Concerns about solar and battery dispatch assumptions were also addressed.

Lastly, the meeting concluded with the presentation of the 2024 Load Review results, highlighting a significant deficit in available generation compared to the forecasted load. This deficit may necessitate scaling down outside load, underscoring the challenges of resource adequacy and the need for updated load forecasting methodologies.

Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights into ongoing transmission projects, reliability assessments, and the broader challenges facing ERCOT in ensuring grid stability and resource adequacy.