About Us

We deliver tailored solutions that propel clients toward a greener future.

Zero-Emission Grid, LLC was founded in 2022 as a 100% employee-owned engineering advisory. Our team provides power grid interconnection-related services to industry stakeholders including developers, asset owners, and operators, independent power producers, transmission and distribution owners, grid investors, regulators as well as grid operators.


To tailor cost-effective solutions that ensure success for our customers in the deployment of clean energy and the next generation of grid technologies while maintaining the power grid security, reliability, and resiliency.


We will revolutionize the landscape of traditional engineering advisory firms, setting a new standard of excellence.

Our People

Our People

Our team at ZEG consists of industry veterans who came together from diverse yet complementary backgrounds to build a team underpinned by their values to pursue their mission. With 30 years of collective experience in power grid consulting, electric utilities, and renewable and transmission development, we have been pivotal in major national projects. This background uniquely positions us to empathize with our customers and diligently assist them in their decarbonization efforts.

Our Drive

Our Drive

We strive to make a difference in the electricity industry by truly partnering with industry stakeholders and our sophisticated-than-ever customers. We believe achieving a zero-emission yet reliable power grid requires agility, creativity, and innovation to overcome the inherent inertia that the power grid industry, including its policies and infrastructures, has demonstrated as a response to the emerging changes. This was the motivation behind Zero-Emission Grid.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

​When we came together to set up the Zero-Emission Grid team, we knew we are not the first engineering advisory team in the industry, however, we shared a common ambition to be the most trusted. While we are mindful of the fact that decarbonizing the power grid demands many regulatory, technical, and commercial experience and expertise, our commitment is to be the best in our core services and products in line with our vision.

Why Us?

A powerhouse of power grid and market experts


Dependable Delivery

We prioritize timely delivery without compromising quality. Our streamlined processes and dedicated team ensure that we meet your deadlines, helping you achieve your goals promptly and effectively.


Diverse Technical Expertise

With over 50 years of combined experience in electric utilities, renewable development, and engineering consulting, our team deeply understands our customers’ needs and challenges. promptly and effectively.


Regional Expertise

We excel in regional market design, interconnection procedures, and stakeholder processes, ensuring efficient and effective solutions tailored to local requirements.



Our customized tools and platforms, developed through years of experience, enhance the efficiency and quality of our services. These innovations are now used by transmission owners and grid operators in their planning processes.


Flexibility & Agility

Our lean, employee-owned team provides flexible, efficient and accurate services, ensuring faster timelines and higher accuracy while passing on cost savings to our customers.

Experience our unparalleled expertise and support in developing high-quality models for all grid-connecting technologies.