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Sustainable Energy

Engineering for Future Power Grid

Zero-Emission Grid, LLC (ZEG) proudly provides all-inclusive engineering advisory services and solutions related to grid interconnection, reliability, and economics to support power grid and electricity market stakeholders in their journey toward decarbonized power grids.

Our team at Zero-Emission Grid, LLC (ZEG) consists of electric power grid and markets experts who came together to pursue their passion toward decarbonizing the power grid. We strive to make a difference in the electricity industry by truly partnering with industry stakeholders and our sophisticated-than-ever customers. We believe achieving a zero-emission yet reliable power grid requires more efficiency, agility, creativity, and innovation to overcome the inherent inertia that the power grid industry, including its policies and infrastructures, has demonstrated as a response to the emerging changes. This was the motivation behind Zero-Emission Grid. 

 When we came together to set up the Zero-Emission Grid team, we knew we are not the first engineering advisory team in the industry, however, we shared a common ambition to be the most trusted.  While we are mindful of the fact that decarbonizing the power grid demands many regulatory, technical, and commercial experience and expertise, our commitment is to be the best in our core services and products. 

Our Services

Resource Siting & Risk Assessment

Grid Interconnection

Market Studies

Model Development & Validation

Regulatory & Compliance

Electrical Studies

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