ERCOT Notice: Compliance Updates and Reporting Requirements

ERCOT Notice: Compliance Updates and Reporting Requirements

In a recent update from ERCOT, the ERCOT Reliability Monitor (ERM) has completed a comprehensive review following an Incident Review initiated on March 13, 2023. This review, detailed in Market Notice M-A031323-01, focused on assessing compliance with ERCOT Planning Guide Section 5.5 among Market Participants.

Key to this update is Planning Guide Revision Request (PGRR) 085, which introduces new requirements for Market Participants. Specifically, PGRR085 mandates that certain entities benchmark their Power System Computer Aided Design (PSCAD) models against physical hardware testing. This benchmarking ensures that model settings align precisely with those implemented in the field.

Additionally, the revision outlines clear timelines for these activities, including the submission of parameter verification reports at commissioning, within two years thereafter, and subsequently every decade. ERCOT underscores the importance of consistency across different planning software platforms, utilizing PSS/E for general studies and PSCAD for scenarios involving weak grid or sub-synchronous resonance.

Under the updated ERCOT Planning Guide, Resource Entities are required to provide regular model updates and undergo plant verification reports at specified intervals. These reports are crucial for maintaining operational standards and ensuring compliance with ERCOT regulations.

ERM’s recent findings indicate that out of 394 commissioned Resource sites, 280 have submitted the requisite data on time. However, some submissions were deemed deficient and were returned to Market Participants for correction. Despite notifications, a significant number of Resource Entities have yet to rectify these deficiencies.

Looking ahead, ERCOT will escalate matters involving delinquent Market Participants to the Enforcement Division of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, highlighting the importance of timely and accurate compliance with regulatory requirements.

ERCOT requests that specific inquiries or questions related to this most recent notice be directed to the ERCOT Reliability Monitor directly at to ensure efficient handling and response.

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