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PJM Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee Meeting Highlights - April 2, 2024

Updated: Apr 29

The meeting covered various critical updates and initiatives within PJM, highlighting the organization's commitment to operational efficiency and reliability. 


Michael Herman presented Generation Deactivation Notifications received by PJM in the first quarter of 2024, focusing on the deactivation of a 4.5 megawatt battery unit at Grand Ridge Energy. Clarifications were provided regarding deactivation dates and the status of deactivation studies for various units. 


Nick Dimitrio discussed Market Efficiency Activities for the 2024-2025 cycle, updating the market efficiency base case with the latest load forecast and demand resources. Plans were outlined to post the updated market efficiency model for years beyond RTEP in May. 


PJM identified potential overloads at the 230 kv and 500 kv levels for the 2023 long-term study, with plans to monitor these needs and consider options in near-term studies. 


Immediate Reliability Needs in the AEP Transmission Zone were addressed, highlighting operational risks posed by fixed reactors without associated breakers on four AEP 765 kv lines. PJM determined to assign construction responsibility to AEP to mitigate these violations.


Finally, a Scope Change Cost Increase of $800,000 was announced, with the project's in-service date remaining unchanged. The scope change was reviewed and approved by the New Jersey BPU as part of an order issued on March 20, 2024. 


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