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MISO PSC Meeting Highlights - March 13th, 2024

Updated: Mar 21

 The meeting, primarily led by the planning subcommittee, focused on reviewing the agenda, minutes, and updates on the management plan, liaison report, and modeling efforts. Key decisions included the acceptance of the minutes as is, the closure of action items, and adjustments to the management plan.

The liaison report highlighted various coordination activities and performance requirements. Discussions also revolved around the MOD 32 revision update expected in the latter half of 2024 and NERC's registration criteria updates.

Significant action items included finalizing Power flow models and seeking feedback on voltage stability transfers. Additionally, a defined quarterly process for expedited project review was proposed, while the meeting also deliberated on the proposal to update its models quarterly. Concerns were raised regarding the process complexity, timeline, and potential issues, with feedback provided and action items assigned for further study and consideration.

The meeting concluded with updates on the MISO24 series power flow and dynamic models as well as ERAG MMWG dynamic model series, the use of long names in MOD for MMM application data and updating the planning modeling manual for easier data dictionary updates. A new process for submitting dynamic model updates was introduced, along with discussions about concerns regarding the use of PSSE version and the cleanup of old projects in MOD.

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