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MISO IPWG Meeting Highlights - March 12th, 2024

Updated: Mar 21

The session delved into administrative matters like agenda review, minutes approval, and action item discussion. The liaison report featured insights on upcoming workshops, feedback responses, and a customer experience survey, with a detailed exploration of stability analysis and the sugar tool for model building.

A guest speaker shed light on the needs and hurdles of grid-forming technology, especially in weak grid conditions and high IBR penetration. ERCOT's ongoing efforts on grid-forming requirements, slated for publication by summer 2024, were underscored, alongside the emphasis on EMT study and the collection of EMT models for new resources.

The discussion extended to grid-forming controls (GFM) potential and requirements development, stressing the exploration of benefits in weak grid areas with high IBR penetration. MISO plans to present an initial conceptual proposal in May, seeking stakeholder engagement for performance requirements development, drawing on international examples.

Additional topics included grid-forming benefits of battery storage, IEEE performance requirements for IBRs, and decision points for voltage and power factor control modes. The meeting underscored the importance of OEM capabilities and the need for simplified, streamlined requirements to support the evolving landscape of grid-forming technology.

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