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ERCOT RMS Meeting Highlights - April 2, 2024

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) update, led by John Schatz, highlighted the approval of RMGRR177 and the endorsement of RMS, ROS, and WMS 2024 goals. The meeting included discussions on Lubbock's transition progress, indicating satisfaction with the process. Significant debate ensued regarding NOGRR245, eventually passing as recommended by the ROS Report and Joint Commenters. 


David Michelsen provided ERCOT updates, covering flight operations and retail projects. Flight 0224 progress was outlined, along with plans for upcoming flights and market notices. Retail API updates and an IT report by Mick Hanna addressed service availability and the launch of the ERCOT Developer Portal, aiming to enhance user engagement and functionality. 


Randy Roberts presented NPRR1212 and PGRR114, clarifying the relationship between DSPs and REs, with both receiving consensus for endorsement via combo ballot. John Schatz oversaw the approval of combo ballot items, NPRR1212 and PGRR114, with two abstentions. 


Clint Gardner discussed Lubbock Power & Light's successful transition to a TDSP, noting ongoing efforts to address metering issues. Sheri Wiegand provided updates on the Lubbock Retail Integration Task Force, highlighting progress made in resolving billing and enrollment challenges. 


John Schatz concluded with an overview of ERCOT's latest cybersecurity measures, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance and investment to safeguard grid reliability against potential cyber threats. 

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