ERCOT RPG Meeting Highlights – April 9, 2024

ERCOT RPG Meeting Highlights – April 9, 2024

During the meeting, updates on the Permian Basin Reliability Plan Study were discussed in detail. The study aims to address the region’s significant demand growth by extending transmission service to areas rich in mineral resources, increasing capacity to meet projected load, and reducing interconnection times. ERCOT presented the draft and updated study scope at RPG meetings and outlined potential local transmission upgrades for the S&P Global Permian Basin load and additional non-oil & gas load. Initial upgrades are scheduled for presentation in 2038, focusing on 138-kV and above transmission lines, with TSPs responsible for 69-kV upgrades. Capacitor banks proposed by TSPs can address voltage issues.

Specific projects in the Delaware Basin and Midland Basin areas were discussed, highlighting updates and additions to 345-kV and 138-kV transmission lines and substations. These projects are integral to meeting the region’s growing demand for electricity.

The 2024 Load Review process was explained, allowing TSPs to either accept proposed load levels or provide evidence if they differ from expectations. This evidence could include reputable third-party studies, signed contracts, or letters from TSP officers attesting to load growth.

Regarding the 2024 RTP Generation Assumptions Update, it was noted that a significant amount of large load had been submitted with quantifiable evidence. The total amount of large load expected by summer 2030 is approximately 59 GW, while the total load in the 2030 summer peak case is projected to be around 153 GW, surpassing available generation capacity.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the incorporation of over 6 GW of hydrogen load into the 2024 RTP, with a clarification that these loads are assumed to withdraw 100% of their energy consumption from the grid. Additionally, the Oncor West Texas 345-kV Infrastructure Rebuild Project, estimated to cost $1.12 billion, was discussed. The project aims to address thermal overloads and accommodate load growth, with an expected in-service date of Summer 2028. ERCOT conducted an additional study confirming the project’s necessity.Overall, the meeting provides updates on the progress of the Permian Basin Reliability Plan Study, the procedural process and timeline, local transmission upgrades, load reviews, generation assumptions, hydrogen load, and the Oncor West Texas 345-kV Infrastructure Rebuild Project. ​