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Wind turbine

Why Us?


No BS i.e. full transparency. 

Diverse technical background: Our team members collectively carry more than 50 years of experience in various modalities of the power grid industry including electric utilities, renewable development, and engineering consulting. This unique combination of experience and expertise enable us to better understand our customers' perspective and challenges.


Regional Expertise: Even though the fundamentals of planning and operation of electric power grid and markets are similar regardless of the geography,  we believe the regional expertise is of the utmost importance in achieving the best results within the least time and resources. Regional expertise ranging from in-depth knowledge of market design and interconnection procedures to understanding the stakeholder process and intimate familiarity with various key players is what makes us unique.


Innovation: In addition to our long history and demonstrable track record in our core regions, through years of experience, we have developed and utilized customized tools and processes tailored to the regional requirement to increase the efficiency, quality, and efficacy of our services. Some of our tools and platforms, which were initially designed for internal purposes, are now indeed being utilized by transmission owners and grid operators as part of their planning processes. We strive to create the best customer experience through our creative digital solutions.

Commercial and Technical Flexibility & Agility: We purposefully put together a lean team to support our customers with our core services and that's how we intend to continue to operate. This allows us to be flexible, efficient, and agile. More importantly, this allows us to pass through the efficiency to our customers leading to a faster timeline, higher accuracy, and fewer resources. We are 100% employee-owned which enables us to be also commercially flexible and truly partner with our customers to ensure their success. 

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