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Site Prospecting

As more renewable resources and flexible loads are entering the grid, it is becoming more and more important for developers and investors to identify the right location for their development plan. Traditionally, these "siting" activities have been limited to considering only reliability aspects of the grids i.e. grid connectivity as per relevant ISO/RTO interconnection criteria. However, grid congestion, environmental and real estate attributes, resource potentials, and underlying regulatory paradigm are playing a much more important role than before. In Zero-Emission Grid, we utilize our regional expertise in conjunction with our in-house automated tools, to depict a more comprehensive prospecting roadmap for our customers in a form of layered historical and futuristic heatmaps. ​

Following this service, our customers will have a clear picture of the regional landscape for where they should or should not consider new investments, and if they do, what upfront and system upgrades cost they can expect. Additionally, they will learn how the identified project location could perform under various upside and downside grid and market scenarios.




  • Merchant and contracted asset developers (energy storage, wind, solar, hybrid, large loads) 

  • Datacenter and Hydrogen production facility developers


ZEG can help to optimally site your project taking into account various transmission & interconnection, Market, regulatory and environmental  attributes.


ZEG can prepare all the technical models and documentation needed for submitting a successful grid interconnection application.

interconnection studies

ZEG can help perform various feasibility & system impact studies to determine project feasibility from an interconnection perspective.


ZEG can help review the LGIAs and provide feedback on the contents of the agreements and potential risks.

iso/rto Support

ZEG can support you with all technical calls  with various utilities & ISOs.

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