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Model Development & Validation

The Zero-Emission Grid team is specialized in the following modeling related services:

  • Development of generic and user-defined models for all major power systems-related software platforms.

  • Development of plant-level models for generation interconnection projects.

  • Model verification as per applicable NERC/ISO/RTO standards (e.g. NERC MOD Standard)

  • Model quality test as per applicable ISO/RTO standards.

  • Model benchmarking across various platforms and site measurements as per applicable ISO/RTO standards.

Software tools: PSS/E, PSCAD/EMTDC, ASPEN, and PSLF.



  • Merchant and contracted asset developers (energy storage, wind, solar, hybrid, large loads) 

  • Independent Power Producers

  • Technology vendors

Model benchmarking

ZEG will support customers in meeting ISO/RTOs (e.g. ISONE, CAISO) requirements related to plant model development and benchmarking across various software platforms.

Model quality test

In compliance with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), ZEG conducts model quality tests (MQT) on behalf of ERCOT Interconnection Customers to ensure simulation models provided by the customers meet the applicable requirements.  

Model validation

After performing on-site electrical measurements, ZEG utilizes the readings of the frequency and voltage signals at the point of interconnection under various conditions to tune and validate the simulation models associated with resource plants, as per NERC MOD Standards. 

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