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Market Studies

As more renewables and other forms of supply and demand with various commercial attributes are being added to the power grid from both the transmission and distribution sides, power flow patterns and consequently congestion patterns are changing. Since most of the wholesale electricity markets within the US have been structured around Locational Marginal Pricing (LMPs), transmission congestion plays a very important role in revenue potential, financing, bankability of generation, and transmission assets as well as various financial hedging and investment strategies.


The main challenge associated with forecasting the transmission congestion under various futuristic supply, demand, and financial scenarios is to possess 1) a deep understanding of the historical grid bottlenecks and future market outlooks and 2) a well-tuned model which have been thoroughly benchmarked against historical performance of the power grid. 


Zero-Emission Grid has extensive experience in performing analyses to calculate transmission congestion, generation curtailment, and price separations in different grid settlement points. We at Zero-Emission Grid collaborate with our customers to develop various market outlooks under various scenarios to inform our technical analyses. In addition, we support our analyses by demonstrating the performance of our models against historical events to further bolster the credibility of our in-house maintained models.  

Software tools: ABB PROMOD and LCG UPLAN



  • Merchant and contracted asset developers (energy storage, wind, solar, hybrid, large loads) 

  • Independent Power Producers

  • Electric Utilities

  • State Agencies

Congestion & Curtailment

ZEG will use its fine-tuned and benchmarked nodal transmission models to evaluate the risk of grid congestion and energy curtailment. 

Short & long term price forecasting

ZEG relies on its multi-dimensional Artificial Intelligence based algorithm to provide short-term and long-term forecasting for electricity pricing for select North American markets.

cost-benefit analysis for grid expansion

ZEG supports various industry stakeholders by performing comprehensive cost-benefit analyses (CBA) to evaluate the feasibility of transmission, non-wire alternative and grid-enhancing technologies (GETs) taking into account the applicable regional and regulatory CBA criteria.

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