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Electrical Studies

The Zero-Emission Grid team is specialized in the following electrical studies:

  • Steady-state load flow and contingency analysis

  • Short circuit and breaker adequacy assessments

  • Dynamic stability analysis

  • Transient Over Voltage, Temporary Recovery Voltage, and Switching Over Voltage analyses.

  • Reactive power studies

  • Power system analyses related to various NERC and FERC standards. 

  • Generation and load deliverability analyses. 

  • Electrical Studies for M&A Due Diligence including replication of grid interconnection and system impact studies as performed by interconnecting utilities/ISO/RTOs, technology review

  • Power quality, flicker, and harmonic measurements and assessments

Software tools: TARA, PSS/E, PSCAD/EMTDC, ASPEN, PowerWorld, and PSLF.



  • Merchant and contracted asset developers (energy storage, wind, solar, hybrid, large loads) 

  • Independent Power Producers

  • Electric Utilities

  • State Agencies

System Reliability

ZEG has the experience and expertise in various reliability-based analyses including load flow, dynamic stability, short circuit, breaker adequacy, electromagnetic (EMT), switching, insulation coordination control interaction (SSCI, SSR, SSO), and deliverability assessments.

Advanced Analytcis

ZEG members are well-known for their analytical capability and experience in performing electromagnetic (EMT), switching, insulation coordination and control interaction (SSCI, SSR, SSO) assessments.

Power quality

Our power quality-related services include harmonic measurements, harmonic analysis, and mitigation development. 

due diligence

We support IPPs and investors by evaluating the grid-interconnection and commercial-related risks associated with their power grid investments. 

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